Carlos Castresana

Public Prosecutor

Supreme Court of Spain

Carlos Castresana Fernández is since 1989 member of the Career of Public Prosecutors in Spain, serving in the Supreme Court in Madrid. Previously he worked as a Lawyer, Investigating Judge, Court Magistrate and Special Prosecutor Against Organized Crime and Corruption. He filed in 1996 representing the Union of Progressive Prosecutors the lawsuits against the Argentinean and Chilean military Juntas initiating the Pinochet Case. Associated and Guest Professor of Criminal Law in the Universities Carlos III (Madrid) and San Francisco (California) and currently Visiting Professor at Haverford College (Pennsylvania). Among other awards, he has received the National Human Rights Prize in Spain, the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa from the Universities of Guadalajara (México) and Central (Chile), the Great Cross of the Quetzal from Guatemala, the Star of the Solidarity from Italy, the Legion of Honor from France and the Medal of Civil Merit from Spain. Between 2007 and 2010 he was the Commissioner Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) with the category of Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations.