Handling Harmful Content Online
14 Oct 2021   |   Online

Handling Harmful Content Online

14 Oct 2021 | Online

Harmful online content – including hate speech, false news, cyberbullying, and inflammatory rumors – can spread quickly and reach millions. Though these points are well-documented, what is less known by researchers, tech practitioners and policy makers is how individuals and groups living in conflict settings respond to harmful content online.

The NGO Search for Common Ground aimed to address this knowledge gap by exploring the experiences of social media users in seven countries, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Tanzania, Myanmar, and Kyrgyzstan. The study revealed a wide range of social media tactics used by individuals and groups in close proximity to violent conflict. Although responses vary, the majority of participants indicated that they want to feel a sense of ownership and agency when tackling harmful content online. This webinar will summarize the key findings from the report and share recommendations for practitioners at the intersection of tech and peacebuilding.

The webinar will take place online at 10am EDT/4pm CET. 

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