2-4 Feb 2016   |   Manila, Philippines


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 1

GAAMAC2 Opens in Manila

Starting the Conversation: What Would A Successful National Prevention of Atrocity Policy and Architecture Look Like?

The Emerging Picture

Group Session 1: Learning From Experiences in Asia and Latin America

Group Session 2: Learning From Experiences in Africa, Europe & MENA region

Group Session 3: Sub-regional Initiatives as a Support to National Architectures

Presentation Group Session 3

Group Session 4: Early Warning Assessment Tools and the UN Framework of Analysis for Atrocity Crimes

Presentation Group Session 4

Group Session 5: The Inclusion of Women and Protection of their Rights as Full and Equal Actors

Group Session 6: The Potential of Social Media and New Technologies to Inhibit and Prevent Atrocities

Presentation Group Session 6

Group Session 7: Youth and Education as Drivers of Prevention

Group Session 8: National Engagement as a Motivator of Regional Action

Day 2

Early Detection, Decision and Action

Genocide and Mass Atrocities as a Disease by Mr. Birger Heldt

Group Session 9: Building Capacity in the Security Sector to Prevent Atrocity Crimes

Group Session 10: Combating Incitement of Hate Speech and the Role of Local Dialogue in Atrocity Prevention as Key Inhibitors

Group Session 11: Atrocity Prevention in Special Circumstances

Presentation Group Session 11

Group session 12: National and International Justice and Accountability Mechanisms as Keys to Prevention

Day 3

GAAMAC II Outcome Document

Strengthening Partnerships and Co-operation

Panel Discussion on Partnership and Co-operation Between States and Civil Societies

GAAMAC2 in Manila Draws to a Close